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How To Start a Shopify Dropshipping Store from Scratch in 2020

In this quick shopify tutorial, I give 3 simple step on how you can start a shopify dropshipping business from scratch in 2020. You can literally go from broke to six figures dropshipping products from china. Dropshipping is a simple business model where you are the middleman…

You wait for your customer to order a product from your store and then you order the products from china and send it to your customer! Cool right…You don’t have to touch any of the product you sell. The platform we are going to be using is Shopify!


Step 1: Create Your Free Shopify Account – Starting Your Online Business

To have an online business you need to create a website.The best platform for starting your eCommerce website is Shopify. The reason why Shopify is better than the other website builder is because this online platform is so user-friendly and super easy to navigate.

With shopify you can get a store up and running in less than 24 hours! It gets even better..Shopify actually gives you a 14 day free trial to start building your store with no startup cost! Good news is you can start making sales even before your Shopify trial ends…

…I would act fast and take advantage. You can actually start your 14 day free trial by clicking on the image below!

create your dropshipping shopify store in 2018

Step 2: Niche Selection – How to Pick a Niche for Your Online Store??

After you setup your shopify store, now you have to pick a niche so you can start selling products. For many this is a hard one.

First, what is a niche?

A niche is a group of people that are super passionate in a category. Categories like dogs, cats, electronics, home and decor, fitness, and etc. The niche list goes on and on. BUT

Don’t be that person and waits a whole week to pick a niche. I actually put together an awesome top niches guide for you!
Dropshipping hot selling product in 2018

If you can find niches that have to do with wealth, love, and  happiness. Get ready to hear some cha-chings from your shopify store.

….Remember there are alot of “good” niches. but you want to have a “profitable” niche. Niches that will make you money.

Here is also a FREE Ebook to learn how I find 6 figure winning products on a daily !

You can also, get a head start an grab how you can find winning product from launch. Click the ebook on the right to access your free copy!

Step 3: Create Your Shopify Store Theme Based Around Your Niche

Now you want to create a shopify theme for your store. Shopify makes it easy to where no coding is involved. You can simply edit and choose your themes by clicking online store on the left tab. There is where you will spend most of time when you want to tweak your store. Below I have s HUGE surprise that will teach you STEP by STEP on how you can build your online store to 6 figures.

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners 2020 (FULL TRAINING HERE)


(Join me and the youtube family where create a brand new shopify store from scratch in 2020!)

What’s Next?

Check out these dope videos on other people’s dropshipping success doing Shopify:

Building an online store from scratch to me is the funnest part because you create a bond with your store. With that bond, you need to remain consistent if you want a successful shopify store.

You will want to do product research, market your products, build pixel data, and make sales! How do you find how to do these things? I have made it super easy! By doing a online store 7 day challenge for you. This shopify challenge me to make sale before the 14 day free trial ended and I did accomplish it.

Now, I want you to follow these EXACT steps so you to can start building your building your online store to success. Have fun with it and follow my 7 day shopify challenge and I will see you at the top!

Still have questions? Fill out this quick survey so that I can help you reach the top!

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